How much should I use, and does it feel greasy?

Scoop some body butter (1/2 teaspoon size) into your hands & rub it in between to get a creamy light film. Spread on your skin until the butter is fully absorbed and you will not remain greasy.

 Does it have a smell?

Our body butter is a blend of shea and Mango butters with natural oils. The scent free has no smell as in most organic products. All of our other body butters are lightly scented with organic essential oils that are refreshing and not too strong.

Is this a fair trade product?

Yes! Certified organic fair trade shea butter.We have joined the Global Mamas community - a non profit organization as a source for our Shea butter that benefits African women and their families and guarantees Shea butter packaged with loving care.

Are the plastic jars BPA free?